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DYNAMIC HEALTH: Juice Tahitian Noni, 32 fo

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Dynamic Health 100 Percent Pure Organic Noni Juice, 32 Ounce -- 3 per case. Noni Juice from Tahiti Morinda Citrifolia It is believed that the Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) tree originated in Southeast Asia about two thousand years ago. Since that time, the precious fruit of the Noni tree has been distributed throughout the islands of the South Pacific, as the tree will only thrive in the delicate ecosystem of the tropics. The great gifts of the Noni fruit are well-known in tropical cultures. Noni Juice (Morinda Citrifolia) has traditionally been used to cleanse and purify the entire system, as a defense against illness, to aid digestion, to heal abrasions, to reduce swelling and inflammation and reduce pain.