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DELALLO: Tri Color Pepperazzi, 10.2 oz

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DeLallo Tri-Color Pepperazzi Peppers are squat, sturdy red, yellow and green peppers from Peru, boasting a hot and tangy flavor accented by its sweet vinegar marinade. Pepperazzi are perfect for stuffing with creamy cheeses, Italian sausage, crabmeat or try them on salads, pizzas, pasta, and more.
Create an easy-to-prepare appetizer stuffed with creamy herbed cheeses, cubes of Cheddar, tuna or crabmeat salads, Italian sausage and more. Pepperazzi are a unique addition to salads, pizzas, flatbreads, wraps, pasta dishes (both hot and cold), subs, sandwiches and crostini toast appetizers.