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ENSUENO: Violet Bouquet Fabric Softener, 45 oz

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Ensueño® MAX Violet Bouquet fabric softener - inspired by the sweet floral aroma of the violet flower. With top notes of rose violet and white flowers, layered over a bed of amber, musk and sandalwood.
Violet Bouquet Fabric Softener now with a maximum scent release formula. This new formula has been integrated with powerful microcaps - a revolutionary new technology that guarantees "touch release" freshness, up to 21 days after washing. A quick rub of the fabric activates the encapsulated fragrance, releasing Violet Bouquets whenever you need it. Indulge yourself with this rich softener by using it in the rinse cycle of your special sweaters and night out on-the-town favorites.
And like all of the Ensueño® family of softeners, Violet Bouquet is Color Safe, HE Compatible, reduces static cling and is developed under strict quality standards, formulated to break down safely and quickly, posing no hazard to the environment.