KARA: Cream Coconut, 6.8 oz
Kara brings you this Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processed and aseptically packed coconut cream in a handy pack. It achieves the highest hygienic food standard without compromising your need for the natural flavour and quality of coconut cream
KARA: Cream Coconut, 16.9 oz
Kara brings you this Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processed and aseptically packed coconut cream in a handy pack. It achieves the highest hygienic food standard without compromising your need for the natural flavour and quality of coconut cream
KA ME: Sauce Duck, 8.5 oz
Prepared from authentic, quality ingredients, this tangy sauce is great as a dipping or cooking sauce. Dip your fried wontons into this sauce for that Chinese restaurant experience.
KA ME: Mustard Hot Chinese Style, 7.25 oz
Used in both China and Korea, this hot mustard is the perfect complement to egg rolls and fried wontons.
KA ME: Hot Chili Oil, 7 oz
Infused with hot chili flavorings, and with its deep red color, this spicy oil is delicious drizzled over dishes just before serving, providing a unique burst of heat to soups, salads and more.
KA ME: Fish Sauce, 7 oz
Fish Sauce is an indispensable seasoning utilized in kitchens throughout Southeast Asia. It is used much in the same way soy sauce would be used in China or Japan.
KA ME: Coconut Milk-Lite, 13.5 oz
KA•ME Organic Coconut Milk Lite is a premium quality product, grown and produced on an organic plantation surrounded by highlands in Thailand.
JEFFS NATURALS: Sunshine Mix Mild Banana Pepper Rings, 12 fl oz
Sourced from local family farms in Northern California and harvested July through september, Jeff’s Naturals Sunshine Mix Mild Banana Pepper Rings are left on the vine just a little bit longer to reach peak ripeness, color and flavor. The gorgeous,...
JEFFS NATURALS: Pitted Castelvetrano Olives, 5.5 oz
Do these unique green gems catch your eye every time you peruse the olive bar? From elevating recipes to snacking straight out of the jar, now you can take home new Jeff’s Naturals Pitted Castelvetrano Olives and enjoy them how...
JEFFS NATURALS: Marinated Artichoke Hearts, 14.5 fl oz
Add classic, Mediterranean flavor to your cuisine and skip the lengthy preparation with Jeff’s Naturals Marinated Artichoke Hearts. Hand picked and marinated with a perfectly seasoned family recipe, these deeply flavorful artichokes are easily added to salads, pasta, pizza, dips...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Whole Golden Greek Peperoncini, 12 oz
Grown on sun-drenched farms in Greece, their golden color and mildly piquant, fruity flavor echo the spirit their native land. Our peperoncini feature all natural colors and their texture and crunch are the best you will find. Naturally low in...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Whole Castelvetrano Olives, 7.5 oz
These memorable olives are imported from family farms in Castelvetrano Sicily. They are a favorite snack olive in Italy, yet very hard to find in the U.S. They have a unique nutty, buttery flavor, mild brine and wonderful natural green...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Sun-Ripened Dried Tomatoes, 8 oz
Sulfite-free and locally grown in California just miles from our plant our sun-ripened dried tomatoes are slightly darker in color than others because we don’t add preservatives. Marinated in olive oil and spices these tomatoes add deep, rich flavor to...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Sliced Tamed Jalapeno Peppers, 12 oz
Created exclusively for us by horticulturists at Texas A&M University by combining traditional jalapeño peppers with bell peppers to create a proprietary “harmless” jalapeño. Enjoy the pepper flavor with much less heat. Sourced in California and packed within 24-hours of...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Sliced Hot Cherry Peppers, 12 oz
Grown locally under the California sun. This colorful and juicy pepper variety is spicy with a touch of sweetness. Hugely popular in the Northeast, they are famed as the secret ingredient for authentic Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. Sliced for your...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Sliced Golden Greek Peperoncini, 12 oz
Sourced from family farms throughout Greece we get the pick of every crop, which insures uniformity of size color and texture. Sliced for your convenience these peperoncini deliver just a touch of heat, along with a pleasing saltiness and vibrant...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Roasted Bell Pepper Strips, 12 oz
California’s best peppers are grown in the Central Valley. These red bells are flame roasted, sliced and packed within 24-hours of harvest. The roasting gives the peppers a rich, lightly smoky flavor and creates a smooth yet crisp texture. We...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Organic Pitted Whole Greek Kalamata Olives, 7 oz
Sourced from family farms in Greece, the homeland of Kalamata olives. These authentic Greek gems have a distinctive almond shape and eggplant color, their flavor is deep and rich making them the highlight of many Mediterranean dishes. Gluten Free Non...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Organic Pitted Sliced Greek Kalamata Olives, 7 oz
Authentic Kalamata olives sourced from family farms in Greece, the homeland of this distinctive olive. We work with growers all year long to make sure we secure the best from each crop. Sliced for your convenience their signature flavor and...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Jalapeno Stuffed Olives, 7.5 oz
Colossal-sized olives are hand stuffed with fresh jalapeño rings. Our jalapeños are sourced locally from Central Valley California family farms. These zippy olives have just the right heat and crunch and are the perfect snack to accompany a frosty margarita....
JEFF'S NATURALS: Imported Non Pareil Capers, 6 oz
We source only the finest capers from Morocco and Turkey where wild caper bushes are prolific and thrive in the arid land. Their distinctive salty, slightly briny flavor makes them a staple for Mediterranean dishes. Naturally low in carbs No...
JEFF'S NATURALS: Garlic Stuffed Olives, 7.5 oz
We use only the largest colossal-sized olives for stuffing which allows more room for the goodies inside. Each delectable olive is hand stuffed with locally grown garlic from Gilroy, California, the garlic capital of the U.S. The quality, consistency and...
JAYONE: Paste Soybean Fermented, 1.1 lb
 Jayone Foods, Inc. has always maintained the sole mission of sharing our passion for Asian Food - especially Korean food. With so many bold flavors, vivid colors, and countless health benefits, it would be a shame not to spread the...

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