25 Charity Honor Boxes - Vending Business Solutions Business Packages
25 Charity Honor Boxes - Business Packages
25 Charity Honor Boxes - Business Packages
25 Charity Honor Boxes - Business Packages
25 Charity Honor Boxes - Business Packages

Charity Honor Box Business - 20 Boxes

Vending Business Solutions
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This is how you will raise money for the charity, Feeding America:

This Donation Portal allows you to make monthly payments to Feed the Hungry. 

Donation Portal

Our main goal is for you to make back your investment in the first month! Many honor boxes can make between $3-10 dollars per month, on average.

Our next goal is to make sure you can build up a significant business to whatever level you would like. With this Charity Honor Box Business - 20 Boxes Package, you can turn a small business into a small vending empire while helping a good cause.

Although we do not ask for you to pay us for the charity donations, we expect you to donate to a Feeding The Hungry Charity.

Honor boxes help you get your foot in the door to businesses while building g a healthy profit!


Can I get rich with honor boxes?

Depends what you define rich as. I would answer quickly and say no. But my longer answer would be, it depends. You can grow a very lucrative, part-time honor box vending machine business which could develop many relationships. These relationships could then turn into larger locations down the road. Always think long-term. These boxes take up almost no space and are for a good cause. Feed your pockets while feeding the hungry. Honor boxes, just like vending machines, is a quantity game. The more you have, the more you make and it all averages out.

When will my honor boxes arrive?
The honor boxes will ship in 1-2 weeks.  

Where do I place honor boxes and how do I make money?
Great question! Honor boxes can be placed pretty much anywhere there are people.

- Pizza Stores

- Restaurants

-Ice Cream Shops

- Retail Businesses

Each box can make between $5-$15 average per month. Your results may vary.

Who is the honor box business for?
This business is for anyone who wants to help a good cause and make a part-time income. If you ever wanted to start a business and didn't, this could be a business for you! Simple business with a low start-up cost.