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Charity Honor Box Displays - 5 Boxes Package

Charity Honor Box Displays - 5 Boxes Package

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Our main goal is for you to make back your investment in the first month! Many honor boxes can make between $10-30 dollars per month, on average. We do not guarantee these results.

Our next goal is to make sure you can build up a significant business to whatever level you would like.

Our Charity Honor Box Displays come with FREE lollipop inserts!


  • 70 Holes, instead of 42
  • Built to last longer
  • Different design
  • Now you can work with any charity that is feeding the hungry!
  • Compact & sturdier

Start your profitable side hustle without investing thousands ($) upfront.

Charity Honor Boxes allow you to start your vending business in a small way. But, it still teaches you the nitty-gritty of the game before ever committing to a bigger vending machine business. That’s like getting paid to learn. 

The set of 5 boxes allow you to pick your locations and start earning $10-30 per box, each month. The goal will be to become a profitable business within a month’s time.

You can continue to expand to more locations or take the experience and knowledge to build your own vending machine empire. Either way, you win!

True honor lies in giving back.

A hungry child may go to bed with the food you fed them. All it takes is your small commitment to donating a small portion of your profits to a Feeding The Hungry Charity.


Can I get rich with honor boxes?

Depends what you define rich as. You can grow a very lucrative, part-time business which could develop many relationships with the various businesses for future business with other ventures. Always think long-term plus, these boxes take up almost no space. 

When will my honor boxes arrive?
The honor boxes will be ship to you in 5-12 days.

Where do I place honor boxes and how do I make money?
Great question! Honor boxes can be placed pretty much anywhere there are people.

Places to Put Honor Boxes:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Deli's
  • Pizza Places

Each box can make between $5-$15 average per month. Your results may vary.

Who is the honor box business for?
This business is for anyone who wants to help a good cause and make a part-time income, passively. If you ever wanted to start a business and didn't, this could be a business for you! With such a low barrier to entry and low capital costs, it makes no sense but to start RIGHT NOW!