JOYVA: Halvah Chocolate Covered Vacuum Pack, 8 oz
A delicious sesame treat. A tempting Joyva Halva for dessert as a between meal snack, or a lunch box surprise!. This highly delicious sesame seed treat will thrill the entire family.
JOYVA: Halvah Chocolate Covered, 1.75 oz
Get to enjoy the age old sweetness of Chocolate Covered Halvah (36/1.75 oz bar) which gives you the ultimate delight of ingredients such as crushed sesame seeds, honey, almonds and dark chocolate. Your perfect handy help to keep sudden hunger...
JOYVA: Halvah Chocolate Covered, 3.5 oz
Joyva Halvah Chocolate Covered King-Sized Bar is a delicious tahini treat covered in chocolate. A tempting Joyva Halvah for dessert, as a between meal snack or a lunch box surprise - this highly delicious sesame seed treat will thrill the entire...
JOYVA: Halvah Marble Vacuum Pack, 8 oz
You can enjoy a delicious morsel first thing in the morning when you open up a Joyva Marble Halvah bar. This is a refreshment that goes down well with your favorite morning beverage. 
JOYVA: Halvah Marble, 1.75 oz
Halvah has been called the Food of The Gods. An ancient Turkish confection, dating back 3000 years was about to be refined, reinterpreted, and reinstated as the food of choice among the eastern European immigrants in the early part of...
JOYVA: Halvah Marble, 3.5 oz
Joyva Marble King-Sized Halvah Bar is a delicious tahini treat marbled with both vanilla and chocolate flavors. A tempting Joyva Halvah Bar for dessert, as a between meal snack or a lunch box surprise - this highly delicious sesame seed treat will...
JOYVA: Halvah Vanilla Vacuum Pack, 8 oz
Halvah Vanilla. The Freezing/chilling Temperatures is Ambient: Room Temperature. Contains natural and artificial flavors.
JOYVA: Jelly Ring 3 PK, 1.35 oz
The chocolate covered Joyva halva bars will give your customers a total delight and the melt-in-your-mouth treat they love. A bar of milk chocolate almonds makes a tasty filling appetizer that is high in nutritional value and kids will love...
JOYVA: Joys Chocolate Covered Raspberry, 1.5 oz
The Joyva® candy company was established in Brooklyn, NY in 1907 and has been making unique and tasty confections ever since. Joyva Raspberry Joys are mouthwatering treats that feature a sweet raspberry jelly center enrobed with chocolate. A mouthwatering treat...
JOYVA: Sesame Bars, 1.1250 oz
The bar is made of sesame seeds, sugar, corn syrup, and honey The Joyva Sesame Crunch bar has a wonderfully distinctive flavor and texture
JOYVA: Sesame Crunch, 16 oz
Over the last nine decades we have developed many candy and specialty food items that have been loved for generations. Jell Rings, Marshmallow Twists, Sesame Crunch, Sesame Tahini, and of course our beloved Halvah.
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