GLUTEN FREE PANTRY: Double Chocolate Brownie Mix, 16 oz
Just because your constitution doesn’t abide by gluten, you still have the constitutional right to amazing brownies. The founding mothers would approve.
GLUTINO: Apple Cinnamon Oven Baked Bars, 7.05 oz
Snack on something sweet with the oat-y, cinnamon-y home-baked flavor of our gluten-free apple breakfast bars.
GLUTINO: Bar Oven Baked Apple, 7.05 oz
Gluten free can be delicious too! Whether you’re living gluten-free for medical reasons or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, Glutino has options for you. We offer a variety of delicious, gluten free snacks that never skimp on flavor....
GLUTINO: Big Pretzels, 6oz
Some call our pretzels legendary, a tough billing to live up to, so high on that pedestal. Where a legend seems unreachable, make it BIG! That’s what we did. Giving you a great pretzel free of gluten and more time...
GLUTINO: Chocolate Coated Vanilla Wafer Cookies, 4.6 oz
Thin, crispy layers with vanilla cream filling and coated in milk chocolate.
GLUTINO: Cookie Chocolate Chip, 8.6 oz
 Gluten free can be delicious too! Whether you’re living gluten-free for medical reasons or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, Glutino has options for you. We offer a variety of delicious, gluten free snacks that never skimp on flavor....
GLUTINO: Duo Cheese Pizza, 6.2 oz
You have a constitutional right to pizza! Some of us have constitutions that simply don’t tolerate gluten. So we consider it our duty to ensure that the gluten free are free to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of really...
GLUTINO: Free Wafer Cookies Lemon, 7.10 oz
Creamy sweetness with an audacious tang, these crispy delights will tickle your fancy and embrace your inner tart. Oh baby!
GLUTINO: Gluten Free 5 Breakfast Bars Strawberry, 7.05 oz
Strawberry just can’t keep a straight face. And why on earth should she? When the merest whiff will cheer you up and one bite will melt your heart. What’s not to love?
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Animal Crackers Original, 6 Oz
Safari so goodie! Stalk the hungry hippo. Track down the ferocious elephant. Wrestle the wiley lion cub. Unlike the traditional big game hunter, when the safari is over, You’ll be stuffed.
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastry 5 Count, 9.2 oz
More passionate than Cleopatra and Anthony, more enduring than Liz and Richard, more comfortable than Bert and Ernie. Apple and Cinnamon: THE match made in heaven. Like biting into paradise “AAA” is for Absolutely Amazingly Apple No wonder William Tell...
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Cookies Chocolate Vanilla Creme, 10.6 oz
All kidding aside. Dark and satisfying with a cool and creamy, dreamy heart, this is your childhood fantasy that has grown up to be the real deal.
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Cookies Vanilla Creme, 10.6 oz
The chocolate was rich, the wafer wispy thin. They danced all night under a vanilla bean sky: a wicked combination and a match made in heaven.
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Crackers Cheddar, 4.4 oz
It’s not always easy being popular. The admiring glances, the constant attention, the endless invitations. But that’s what happens when you add a touch of cheddar to your already awesome amazingness. Suddenly you’re the toast of the town and the...
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Crackers Multigrain, 4.4 oz
She’s a bit of a country girl at heart, comfortable and confident and always ready to speak her mind. Freckled with poppy seeds and a sexy wisp of rosemary, she’s got the crunch to kick off her shoes and do-si-do...
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Crackers Original, 4.4 oz
Best supporting actress. She’s not the star of the show, but she steals every scene. Whether as a solo act or as the anchor to an ensemble of cheesy show-offs, classy spreads or dramatic dips, this is the cracker that...
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Crackers Vegetable, 4.4 oz
This is the cracker that got a rise out of Venus and brought her out of her shell. A subtle, savory blend of garden herbs and garlic with a flirty hint of tomato. All wrapped up in a crunch that’s...
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Graham Animal Crackers, 6 Oz
Comfort food by the handful! See the dainty lion dance with the bearded buffalo, the calico cub on the flying trapeze and the vaulting camel tame the man-eating goat. Proof – to children of all ages – that you’re never...
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Honey Mustard Pretzels, 6 oz
Passion plays a savory sweet tango that hits a spot you didn’t even know you had. Flushed with excitement and dressed in a daring yearning that begs more, more and even more.
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Oven Baked Blueberry Bars , 7.05 oz
Super fruity flavors unite in this Gluten Free Oven Baked Bar. The snappy, sweet combination of blueberry and acai is oat-topped then perfectly baked to a golden bliss, becoming a readymade break from the ordinary.
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Pantry Yankee Cornbread Mix, 12 oz
To defend your constitutional right to yummy cornbread, we’ve created a recipe that honors your constitution’s need for zero gluten and maximum second helpings.
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Premium English Muffins, 17.1 oz
Our muffin man caused quite the row on Drury Lane when he introduced these wonders. Add a bit of butter and some marmalade and you’ll go stonking barmy, too.
GLUTINO: Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks, 8 oz
Her friends love her because she’s always straight with them. They trust her because they know she’s got their back. And at a party – while she never tries to be the center of attention – somehow she always is....

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