DINOSAUR: Cajun Foreplay Spice Rub, 5.5 oz
An all-purpose dry spice blend that adds action to your edibles. Gluten free and all natural.
DINOSAUR: Creole Honey Mustard Sauce, 19 oz
We pair all-natural honey with the finest ground Spicy Creole Mustard for an exciting sweet & tangy flavor explosion. Perfect for any bar-b-qued, broiled or grilled meats. Makes a great dressing base for side dishes, salads and vegetables.
DINOSAUR: Devils Duel Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce, 5 oz
From the gates of hell... Watch your food rise from purgatory as the force of good and evil come together in our blistering hot sauce. The goodness of herbs and spices takes on the flame lickin' heat of habaneros, stroking...
DINOSAUR: Sauce BBQ Slathering,1 GA
Original Sensuous Slathering BBQ Sauce Made in Western New York BBQ Sauce from the award winning restaurant The perfect blend of spices will elevate your grilling to a whole new level and bring the taste of Dinosaur BBQ to your...
DINOSAUR: Sauce Habanero Bar-B-Que, Wango Tango, 19 oz
An intensely raucous blend of hearty spice infused with habanero & cayenne peppers. All hell breaks loose when habanero & cayenne chiles (the bad boys of the pepper world) invade our unsuspecting bar-b-que sauce. The result is a pappy slappin' gourd...
DINOSAUR: Sauce Honey Bar-B-Que Roasted Garlic, 19 oz
You'll flip your wig over the depth and punch of this premium sauce. It's all about natural honey and fresh roasted garlic workin' hard together to deliver one bang-up bar-b-que experience. Slather on you magnificent S.O.B.'s (Sons of Bar-B-Que). 
DINOSAUR: Sauce Slathering Bar-B-Que, Sensuous, 19 oz
Sensuous Slathering Sauce not your everyday BBQ sauce... Adds excitement to any dish. 
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