BAHLSEN HOLIDAY: Spekulatius Mini Chocolate Cookies, 7 oz
One kind of smooth melting chocolate on the bottom and fine spices make this Spekulatius minis to a very special delight.
BAHLSEN: Afrika Dark Chocolate Cookies, 4.6 oz
In the heart of Africa you will find an incomparably aromatic cocoa bean selected especially for this biscuit. A chocolate lover's dream, Afrika biscuits are light-as-air wafers, drenched in a coating of dark chocolate that melts in your mouth with...
BAHLSEN: Assorted Cookie Collection, 6.10 oz
A selection of our finest biscuits and wafers.First Class MilkCrisp wafers with hazelnut-praline filling topped with milk chocolate.Choco Leibniz DarkOur traditional butter biscuits covered with dark chocolate.Choco Leibniz MilkOur traditional butter biscuits covered with milk chocolate.Choco Wafers DarkDelicate wafers fully...
BAHLSEN: Butter Leaves Cookie, 4.4 oz
A golden biscuit with the richness of pure, creamery butter, that melts in your mouth leaving a whisper of sweet California almonds.
BAHLSEN: Choco Leibniz Dark Chocolate Biscuits , 4.4 oz
A lavish layer of Dark European Chocolate tops our original butter Leibniz biscuit.
BAHLSEN: Choco Leibniz Minis, 4.4 oz
Delightful mini butter biscuits covered with a layer of smooth European Milk Chocolate.
BAHLSEN: Cookie Delice, 3.5 oz
Light and flaky puff pastry with a sprinkling of sugar in the shape of a pretzel.
BAHLSEN: Cookie Deloba with Fruit Filling, 3.5 oz
Light and flaky puff pastry with a bright dollop of red currant jam, encircled by a light dusting of sugar.
BAHLSEN: Cookie Hit Cocoa, 4.7 oz
Bahlsen Hit Light and Crispy Cocoa Cacao. Cookies with a cocoa creme filling.
BAHLSEN: Dark Chocolate Wafer Roll, 3.5 oz
Luxury wafer rolls half-coated in continental dark chocolate... crispy wafer indulgence.
BAHLSEN: First Class Dark Chocolate Cookie, 4.4 oz
An airy wafer encloses a luscious praline, made of fine, Levant-quality hazelnuts, topped with rich, dark European chocolate.
BAHLSEN: Holiday Chocolate Pfeffernuesse Cookie, 7 oz
Our Bahlsen Schoko Pfeffernusse Cookies with Chocolate are a delectable mix of sweetness and spice. Made of soft gingerbread with a chocolate base, then topped with glazed sugar and drizzled with chocolate, these traditional German Christmas cookies are utterly irresistible.
BAHLSEN: Leibniz Butter Biscuits, 7 oz
After more than a century of tradition and family history, Bahlsen's original all-butter Leibniz biscuit is still the same simple pleasure it has always been: its charming shape, golden color and classic butter biscuit taste stand ready to enchant a...
BAHLSEN: Leibniz Chocolate Caramel Biscuit, 4.8 oz
  The crisp butter biscuit of our Choco Leibniz, dating back to 1889, is coated in a layer sumptuous, creamy chocolate. It really is "more chocolate than a biscuit", which is what makes it one of the more indulgent choices...
BAHLSEN: Waffel Minis Milk Chocolate, 3.5 oz
A mini crunchy wafer rolled into fine crisp layers and dipped in rich European Milk Chocolate.
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