Charity Honor Box Business - 100 Boxes (Empire Package)

Charity Honor Box Business - 100 Boxes (Empire Package)

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This is how you will raise money for the charity, Feeding America:

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Our main goal is for you to make back your investment in the first month! Many honor boxes can make between $3-10 dollars per month, on average.

Our next goal is to make sure you can build up a significant business to whatever level you would like. With this Charity Honor Box Business - 100 Boxes Package, you can turn a small business into a small vending empire while helping a good cause.

Although we do not ask for you to pay us for the charity donations, we expect you to donate to Feeding America every month, based on a percentage of your sales.

Honor boxes help you get your foot in the door to businesses while building g a healthy profit!


Can I get rich with honor boxes?

Depends what you define rich as, but let's just say no. You can grow a very lucrative, part-time business which could develop many relationships with the various businesses you place your honor boxes inside. Always think long-term plus. These boxes take up almost no space and are for a good cause. Feed your pockets while feeding the hungry. I’d suggest having 50-100 boxes out to see a real change in your income.

When will my honor boxes arrive?
The honor boxes will ship in 2-3 weeks.

Where do I place honor boxes and how do I make money?
Great question! Honor boxes can be placed pretty much anywhere there are people. Each box can make between $5-$15 average per month. Your results may vary.

Who is the honor box business for?
This business is for anyone who wants to help a good cause and make a part-time income. If you ever wanted to start a business and didn't, this could be a business for you!