Honor Box Displays - 10 Boxes Business Package

Honor Box Displays - 10 Boxes Business Package

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Honor Box Displays - 10 Boxes Business Package

Honor Boxes are the easiest way for you to get your skin in the game.

Low investment | Low risk | High ROI potential

Our main goal is for you to make back your investment in the first month! Many honor boxes can make between $10-30 dollars per month, on average. We do not guarantee these results.

Our next goal is to make sure you can build up a significant business to whatever level you would like.

Our Charity Honor Box Displays come with FREE lollipop inserts!


  • 70 Holes, instead of 42
  • Built to last longer
  • Different design
  • Now you can work with any charity or NO Charity with these blank boxes
  • Compact & sturdy

Start your profitable side hustle without investing thousands ($) upfront.

The Honor Box allows you to stack candies, mint, lollipops and make $5-10 per month. This will help you recover your initial investments within a month and expand quicker. These boxes allow you to start a stable side income and give you a realistic feel of the business, without investing much upfront. The quick feedback loop, easy experimentation, and learning of the business model will have you on your path to building a long-term and scalable business with ease!

If you are new and want to get into the vending machine business, or have low capital to invest in your business - This is the perfect place to start!

True honor lies in giving back.

If you decide to work with a charity, we love working with Feeding America.

A hungry child may go to bed with the food you fed them. All it takes is your small commitment to donating a small portion of your profits to a Feeding The Hungry Charity.